Nici Gibbs


Nici Gibbs

Director, Fathom Consulting Ltd

I’ve been a policy advisor to the seafood industry for seventeen years now, but it all started by accident. Back in 1999 I dropped into a bar to help farewell an ex-colleague and I ended up chatting to a manager from the recently-established Seafood Industry Council (SeaFIC).  Next thing I knew I was working for SeaFIC on a temporary basis, but quickly became addicted to the challenges and diversity of the seafood business. I spent the next 12 years as the Policy Manager for the New Zealand seafood industry working extensively on all aspects of fisheries and aquaculture policy, legislation and management.  My background in senior government advisory positions at the Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Maori Development, Department of Conservation and Wellington Regional Council (where I was a senior planner for several years) enabled me to establish the SeaFIC Policy Unit as a credible and valued policy provider in the eyes of both industry and government.

In late 2011 I set up my own company, Fathom Consulting. Fathom specialises in strategic policy, industry development, environmental policy and natural resource management, with a strong focus on the marine environment. While many of my clients are from the seafood industry, I also work for Iwi, government agencies, other marine users and international clients. I share a Wellington office with other like-minded consultants known as the Shoal group.

Reflecting my background in industry and government, I work most effectively at the interface between government policy and those who are affected by policy and regulation. I help my seafood industry clients to influence policy and legislation, achieve positive outcomes from regulatory and planning processes (e.g., fisheries and marine regulation, Resource Management Act issues), and understand the implications of new policy for their own businesses.  My particular passion is enabling sectors of the seafood industry to take collective responsibility for the sustainable management of fisheries.

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Donna Wells

By Donna Wells

Donna Wells is the Director and Owner of FinestKind Ltd. We are a New Zealand company selling seafood and sourcing quota on behalf of independent owner operators and companies.

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