FinestKind In The Media

FinestKind awarded the 2023 Electronic Navigation Shield Award

The Fishing Paper & Hunting News, July 2023

New Zealand Federation Of Commercial Fishermen Marks 70 Years Of Celebrating The Voices Of The Country’s Fishers

NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen Inc, June 2023

New Minister gives first speech at Federation Conference

Seafood NZ Newsletter, June 2023

Port in a Storm exhibition benefits lost mariners

Seafood NZ Magazine December 2022 issue – page 26
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You don’t have to be a big fish to make an impression

Fishing News, October 2022

Profile on Donna Wells, FinestKind NZ

Seafood NZ, June 2022

Learning The Ropes

Seafood NZ Magazine (page 8), June 2022

FinestKind 20 Years in Business

WildTomato, January & February 2021

Wells not running dry in passion for Seafood

Nelson Mail, December 17 2020

Seafood world is Nelson woman's oyster

Nelson Mail, January 25 2020

Meet a member – Donna Wells

Seafood Industry Australia

Finestkind wins festival award

Nelson Mail, February 17 2009

Nelson Seafood Supplier Nominated As Sydney Market’s Finestkind

NZ Farmer, July 10 2017

Oysters tempt the taste buds of thousands

Seafood New Zealand, 28 June 2016

Nelson shines as seafood industry acknowledges its stars

Nelson Mail, August 03 2018

Little fish lands big accolade

Nelson Mail, October 25 2011

No bluffing from Nelson seafood sorority on their way to Oyster festival

Nelson Mail, May 19 2017

Seafood and wine combo wins

Nelson Mail, February 14 2013

Fleur's place comes to Nelson for women in seafood celebration

Nelson Mail, March 09 2017

New marine park leaves d'Urville Island fishing families facing uncertain future

Nelson Mail, July 23 2016