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Coming from a maritime family, I have been in, on, and under the water all my life. Although I loved living in Switzerland where I worked for WWF International being away from the ocean was too hard and so I came home. Having spent nearly 17 years with WWF promoting the Marine Stewardship Council (in NZ, Australia and internationally) and developing ecosystem-based fisheries management around the world, I wanted to bring that experience back to NZ. I was fortunate to be invited by Tony Craig to create Terra Moana Ltd, our business partnership and we are sustainability advisers to Moana New Zealand (previously Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd). Tony being fishing industry and myself a conservationist, we thought it important to model what we believe the future of sustainable seafood requires, that of community interests and the industry working together. We practice that daily! I love eating seafood and I’d love it even more in New Zealand if i) I could click a QR code on all the seafood I buy and which credibly told me its provenance, ii) I knew that recreational, commercial, customary and marine ecosystems were shared and all effectively managed and iii) we had strong credible voices in the seafood sector pushing back on poor terrestrial behaviour, knowing themselves that they were doing everything they could to go above and beyond what government requires of them to better care for the bounty of Tangaroa – especially in coastal waters. Tony and I are also supporting Fish4all, a recreational fishing diary App. that we believe will become a vital information source for better managed recreational fisheries.

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Donna Wells

By Donna Wells

Donna Wells is the Director and Owner of FinestKind Ltd. We are a New Zealand company selling seafood and sourcing quota on behalf of independent owner operators and companies.

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