Jean Kibblewhite and Antonia Workman run the office of Splashzone Marine Limited and have been on the job for years.

Toni, who came on board with an extensive background and experience in the fishing industry, 25 years of office work and training with Wellington Trawling and a clear understanding of species, the QMS, MHR’s, ACE transactions and the massive paperwork trail and knowledge required to work in this industry. Both Richie and Jean know her addition to Jean’s office was and is a great blessing. Keeping an eye on bank accounts, MPI paperwork and the shore stuff, picking up parts, listening to the stories, the list goes on.

The coming and goings of fishers and crew on a Monday, wages, problems and stories, fill the beginning of each week in an office and dusty work sheds! Reel people here …… and nothing flash; the office with a concrete floor, “the first in must turn the heat pump on!”

As well as being a business women, mother of 3 and much loved wife of a “pesty fisherman”; Jean is not overly interested in talking about herself and keeps it all together while hubby is at sea and has done for 30 years. Jean is ferociously devoted to her family.

“Our lives are filled with fishing, sometimes too much”, says Jean. “Would you like a holiday or divorce, Rich?” Hmm – that is a no brainer, let’s go on holiday!

From a traditional farming background on the coast in Hawkes Bay, where Jean still runs the family farm and her 5 other siblings come and go.  “Now we have a cray boat fishing from our farm, which I know my late father would be so happy to have”.

“The people, contacts and connections are what make it all for me” says Jean.


Donna Wells

By Donna Wells

Donna Wells is the Director and Owner of FinestKind Ltd. We are a New Zealand company selling seafood and sourcing quota on behalf of independent owner operators and companies.

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